sabato 11 maggio 2013

Strangers have the best candies

(I am on a diet and I need candy, dear me).


Oh Hi! I am really bored and I come back (again). My english is worse than months ago.

What's new?
1- new haircut (of course) made by me

I'm proud of myself;

2- I'm studying sanscrit language

Why? I wonder that too. 

3- I have a new summer bag

See u soon, maybe not in a year

PS sono veramente stanca di scrivere in inglese anche perchè non mi riesce per nulla. Visto e considerato che tanto i blog sono morti, d'ora in poi scriverò un po' come caspita mi pare anche se non ho per nulla voglia, ho voglia di amenità e cose futilissime quindi ci sta  anche che ci metta solo foto e immagini idiote prese da tumblr. 

mercoledì 15 agosto 2012


I feel a real grrrl now:

I'm in love with SHE-RA!

sabato 5 novembre 2011

ohw, meow

I didn't like the 3rd Misfits series.
I hate the british accent, I didn't like the plot.

Rejoice with this gif:

Random updates

My english is so lame, sorry 4 my mistakes, anyway

How are u sweeties?
I'm too lazy.
I must update this blog, desperately.

Some random news about my life:
1- I have a new job, I'm working in the middle school with autistic children. It's hard and challenging, but it's great. I'm happy to work with them, I know that my contribution is great for them.
2-I have a super new short haircut!

*silly face*
I'm back to black.

How was your Halloween?
Mine was not so exciting. No zombie for me this year (zombie queen was my fav. costume), I was a kind of ghost-doll? I don't know.
Maybe the dead girl from Ju On

This year Halloween Parties sucks in my city, I miss Firenze so much, I must stay in Livorno for 1 year because of work. I'm going crazy, trust me.

31 oct was the death anniversary of Harry Houdini, my super hero.
I hope you remembered it ;)

I'm quite obsessed about Hello Kitty and Hitler in this period. It's a great combo.

I started to watching Fringe, aw I love Walter! It reminds me Vincent Price!
John Noble's voice sounded like Vincent Price's, much much love.
I love mad scientists (Please read)

aw! I'm at the second season.

I'm watching few serials right now: Desperate Housewives (season finale :( sooo sad!!!!!!!! I'll miss all them so much!!), Being Erica, Weeds (paused), Fringe, Misfits (withouth Nathan, sad sad...) and...stop:P
I should finis "heroes" but I'm too lazy.
Ok, this is not a cool topic.

Sorry for being bored about my useless speeches...
Here 9:54 am, saturday morning, I must have a pizza for breakfast!
Buonappetito ;))


martedì 19 luglio 2011

Harry Potter

Me e & my boyfriend decided to going to the cinema to watch Harry Potter. I watched all HP but I never understood nothing and he had never watched an Harry Potter movie. After 30 min we was to making out in the car.
Sorry Potter

lunedì 18 luglio 2011


I was thinking about my past, my present, my possible future, just thinking about my life and life in general...yeah it's not a very simple subject! Or maybe not?

I want share with you my thoughts.

I'm extremely calm about most things and something I say all the time is "eh, it happens" because well, STUFF HAPPENS! And I think that stuff happens always with a reason. Negatives don’t exist in our everyday. Negatives are a life's way of telling us to work harder so we can become a better person and make everyone around us better as well. A situation has more point of view and you can choose the best! It's a real truth, try to apply it to life. It's not so easy but it's the way to stay happy.
I am always on good mood because I really love life, I love live this moment, I don't have much money, I am not a popular person, I am just myself and I love to be me!
There is a proverb: "You never know how, how everything could turn around" Never let words get to you.. If you let peoples words get to you, that means you're giving them enough power over you to affect you. Just because one person says you're "ugly" or "stupid" doesn't mean it's true. That's just one, or a group of people out of the billions in the world. No one is perfect. No one ever will be. But be the best person you can and help others find their inner self and that's true perfection and beauty. I love to travel, love to see new places, I love to learn from different cultures, this is life. Maybe you think that the world is big, but the world is smaller than you think. I think that every person in the world has a beutiful part and I want know that, with his flaws, we are all connected because we are part of the universe. If I feel like painting myself blue one day I'll do it. Because life is too short to not do what you want, especially if it doesn't hurt someone. So, just breathe and live!

Thank you all!
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