lunedì 20 aprile 2015

The Giveaway Winner!!

And thank you so much for taking part at the giveaway, you were so many!!

The winner (picked by random) is Laurie Murley! Congrats!!

this morning I go a bit 'in a hurry, see you laterrrrrrrr

martedì 14 aprile 2015

Zucchini update!

Hello gorgeous! Some zucchini updates ahah!
They was exploding in that tiny pot!

So I decided to repot them, it was really funny.
I bouhgt two large rectangular pots, some ground and I picked up small stones

Small stones used for filtter less waters, because zucchini wants a lot of water

They have small and delicate roots, it was a little bit complicated separating them

With patience and love, I did!!

Well, now I have 17 zucchini plants! I think I'll have to repot them soon, because they grow fast and they need more space.

Stay tuned for more zucchini updates ahahah
have a super nice day

lunedì 13 aprile 2015

domenica 12 aprile 2015

Kawaii Green Apple


Kawaii Green Apple on my Etsy Shop!

100% handmade with love, in felt, they are so cute

They are originally from the Christmas collection, like a xmas tree ornament, buy you can use it like a keychain, attached to your bag, or like you want!

sabato 11 aprile 2015

Dinosawr on Etsy

Hello my dear
Today I want introduce to you The Cute Dinosawr!!!
It's available on my Etsy Shop, and it's an hairclip!

Free Shipping all around the world

venerdì 10 aprile 2015


With the arrival of spring I bought some seeds to try to make gardening.
I really love plants and flowers, specially succulentes and carnivorous plants (dionee <3 but="" good="" i="" m="" not="" p="" so="" them.="" with="">So I bought daisies, zucchini and succulentes (I try again, I like them too!) and some cute pots:

21 march: I ve planted zucchini seeds

28 march: baby zucchini was born!!

1 april: zucchini are growing very well and super fast!

I'm so happy! 
 I'm so excited to see a plant sprout, I hope to have them beautiful and strong. I want to eat  lots of zucchini this summer (awww poor zucchini!)

So, I will keep you updated on their condition!

giovedì 9 aprile 2015

Witchy Etsy!

Ok, we're not in Halloween time BUT I could not resist to craft some witchy funny things !

Say Hello to these cute voodoo dolls in felt!

100% handmade, in felt with a lot of love!! on etsy you can find here

cute voodoo doll want u as a best friend^-^


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