mercoledì 30 giugno 2010


Before go to sleep I'll watch my fav. show in theese days:


This serial is hilarious, I never imagined it was so cute, it is about drugs (weeds, of course), ok, but in different way.
The shows' central character is Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker), a newly widowed suburbanite mother of two who has turned to selling marijuana to support her family after her husband unexpectedly dies. Over the course of the show she finds herself involved in illegal activities on a progressively larger scale.

She is so beautiful!

I recommend taking a look!!


Hello Kitty stuff wishlist

Hi there!
I want share with you my fav. Hello Kitty's stuff in my Amazon Wishlist, I REALLY WANT ALL OF THEM or I BECOME MAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!

I love biking, and this water bottle is purrrrfect for my bike! Cycling is fun ^__^
And I love sleeping too...well, let me wake up from Hello Kitty!

Frogs + Hello Kitty = Chiara Cat happy.I don't know what I can write on it, but I WANT IT

My diet will be more funny.*__* we can chat better togheter :>

These (bags, bracelet, necklace) are by Tarina Tarantino (I LOVE HER!!!) And it's too much expensive for me :(

awwwwwwww hello kitty on bread!!!

This is can be MY perfect shop bag!!

Not needs words.

Summer Playlist

I'm going, I'm late, Listen to my summer playlist!!


See you later!


This morning I should be at the sea, but I don't reckoned that I need waxing -__-
So I spent this happy morning listening music and cleaning my messy room.
Today I'll have to go to beautician, ouch, please don't hurt meeeeeee ç__ç

I bought this gorgeous pink flower hair clip, with paiettes, aww

Another good news: I started writing my next book, are only around 20 pages but YAY! This time the publishing house will be better, yay 2!!


My friend make a clip with me "and" Baudelaire; I am really shy, but I must overcome this shame.
Poetry is Albatros, in french.
Anyway, thank you B.!


The Albatross

Often, to amuse themselves, the men of a crew
Catch albatrosses, those vast sea birds
That indolently follow a ship
As it glides over the deep, briny sea.

Scarcely have they placed them on the deck
Than these kings of the sky, clumsy, ashamed,
Pathetically let their great white wings
Drag beside them like oars.

That winged voyager, how weak and gauche he is,
So beautiful before, now comic and ugly!
One man worries his beak with a stubby clay pipe;
Another limps, mimics the cripple who once flew!

The poet resembles this prince of cloud and sky
Who frequents the tempest and laughs at the bowman;
When exiled on the earth, the butt of hoots and jeers,
His giant wings prevent him from walking.

— trad. William Aggeler, The Flowers of Evil (Fresno, CA: Academy Library Guild, 1954)

martedì 29 giugno 2010


oh, I must study. In the summer. Boring. Boring. Boring.
"Lie to me" is a cool serial, but I must study the no verbal communication, and it is so complicated!! Humans made too much expressions. Anyway this subject is better than statistics.

I had made an useless video with me and my doggy, music by Shonen Knife.
I am terribly bored, and I miss my sweety so much :(
And I would like eat pizza, but I am on a diet -___-
so sad.

domenica 27 giugno 2010


Florence I'm comiiiiing!!


I'll return tomorrow...I must take my stuff in my florentine house, and say goodbye to Florence.

I don't know how I feel..

sabato 26 giugno 2010

Celebrity Tweet!

I'm surfing on the net, and I'll find this website "Celebrity Tweet!" It says "stalk celebrity on twitter" LOL
I don't want stalk anyone...just follow! well, in celebrity tweet you'll find on the right all celebrity's account.

My fav. are @DitaVonTeese, @MissKellyO (kelly osbourne), @samantharonson, @ddlovato (demi lovato), @EvaLongoria (she is so beautiful!!) ;

I was addicted to Miley Cyrus twitter account but she deleted it -__-

I followed Courtney Love and Paris Hilton too but I quit because both are insane!!!

Courtney Love is at the end, she is completely crazy, I feel sorry for her!!

and Paris Hilton was so boring...she talk about shopping ONLY!

And what about your fav. twitter celebrities? twitter account is @chiaracat ^__^

Sex & The City 2

I'm watching Sex & the City 2, but it is a little boring, so I had made a fashion set on

Shoes are Manolo Blahnik of course (770 euros WTF!!) and the trebol is the same of Carrie.
The bag is Swarovski, 145 euros. I love that Dior lipgloss.
Anyway if you click on the image you can see details.


Draquila: Italy trembles

I just finished watching Draquila, Italy trambles, and I want the world see it. I'm disgusted by my country, more every day.

I want share a review, taken from

"Draquila: Italy trembles, the latest documentary by the Italian satirist Sabina Guzzanti, has caused controversy ever since its selection at the Cannes film festival was confirmed. A few weeks ago, Sandro Bondi, Silvio Berlusconi's culture minister, said he wouldn't come to Cannes as a protest. An outspoken critic of Berlusconi's regime, Guzzanti was the author, in 2005, of an incendiary documentary called Viva Zapatero!, which ventured to show Berlusconi's control of state media and its daily censorship.

A la Michael Moore, Guzzanti opens Draquila – a pun on Dracula and L'Aquila – with a cartoonesque introduction: "Era appena iniziata la primavera nella bella peninsola e per Silvio Berlusconi era una giornata di merda, come tante altre" – "Spring had just begun in the beautiful peninsula, and for Silvio Berlusconi it was just another shitty day". Another shitty day made of various sex scandals and judges' attempts at cornering him for alleged abuses of power.

However, on 6 April 2009, Italy woke up with the news of a severe earthquake in the Abruzzo region, which killed more than 300 people and affected the lives of 70,000 inhabitants of L'Aquila, one of Italy's historic and artistic centres. An opportunity Berlusconi wasn't going to pass, says Guzzanti. Like Zorro, Berlusconi hurried to L'Aquila. He is seen hugging children and kissing grandmothers, and promising on a news programme "a new home before the autumn, completely furnished with a cake on the table and a bottle of champagne in the fridge".

L'Aquila's inhabitants were swiftly placed in hotels or in tent cities guarded by the army, and waited for Berlusconi's masons to build a new city. Guzzanti interviews some inhabitants who weren't allowed to go back to their homes – even those whose homes had been left unscarred by the earthquake. In the film, we see the mayor of L'Aquila walk alone, at night, in his ghost city, passing a church whose Renaissance masterpieces, cracked and stained, have been left waiting and decaying.

Even more importantly, the film shows how the civil protection agency has been given full powers to oversee the reconstruction. Guzzanti shows how the agency is run by Guido Bertolaso (who has himself faced an investigation for alleged corruption) and alleges that he gave out building contracts to private companies of his choice. Thanks to a series of decrees, Berlusconi is said to have empowered the agency to make decisions in cases of national emergency and any "big events", which temporarily override existing laws – not only does the agency intervene when there's been an earthquake, but also whenever the pope visits a city or when national sport games are organised.

"Where is the opposition? Where are the journalists?" we ask ourselves. According to Guzzanti, nowhere to be seen – or rather unable to make themselves heard or to report the facts. At the end of the film, an old Italian man is seen telling the camera: "After the earthquake, had I been 25, I would probably have left. Then, I thought that the dictatorship we're living under is not a dictatorship of terror or of torture. It is just a shitty dictatorship." For Guzzanti "the movie is a reflection on the authoritarian drift in this country".

Read more here

Eartquake = Happyness and money for italian politicians, specially Berlusconi.

We have a dictatorship, please someone shoot Berlusconi

Sea time! (and paranoia time -_-')

yay! My first day at sea!

Oh it was so cool.
I love sea, I love swimming, I love this air, the sun...fuck you Florence!!

But tomorrow I'll be in Florence, unfortunatly, Florence in summer is a very bad idea. That city is the hell.
all the years when I was in Florence the thing I missed most was the sea. Florence is a beautiful city, but not liveble for long times: it is a tourist city, so everything is expensive ( in downtown you can pay an icecream 5 euros... . . ), it is a small city, the only thing about it is that you can move around by bike very well...ehm...even if bike lanes are disgusting. But I don't want talk about Florence.

I want talk about my current paranoia.

I feel like a stupid.

Me and my boyfriend
currently live in two different cities, and I miss him so much. He is sweet, very respectful, he loves me, and I trust him... but I don't trust in girls. I don't know if I am a gelous person...I always though that I am not. But today I feel so anxious about, until the beginning of July we can't meet, and I am going crazy.

Some remedy?

Fashion Zombie

Zombie set on polyvore made by me! Greens are not so similar...but it's very difficult find zombie things ^_-

Skeleton Hand Hair Clip

Shopping shopping shopping agaaaaaaain!!!
On the internet I find things very very cheap!
This wonderful skeleton hand hair clip:

On the internet price is 2,50 $ (2 euros);
I've seen this clip in Italy; price: 5 euros. One clip 5 euros.

Thanks god internet exist.

Bought on

PS I am not the girl in the photo!

Summer in the 50's

Today the sun is shining in the sky, and I am at home -_-'
Maybe in the afternoon I can go to the sea...I hope!!

Well, I love Pin-up style, so this is my idea for the summer in the '50, I hope you enjoy!
I've create this with Polyvore, it's a cooooool website! I must understand how it works!

Bye for now, and have fun with Bettie Page

venerdì 25 giugno 2010

The food of the Gods 2

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I must admit that I really love bad movies: some ppl call them "trash" but I prefere call them simply bad movies.

I want to present you one of my fav. bad movie:

The food of the Gods 2

Well, title in italian is "killer teeth" (bizzarre translator -__-') and I thought it was a dental-clinic horror. I am so lame.

As shown in the poster, teeth are those of some rodents that have become giants because they fed on giant tomatoes obtained by administration of somatotropin, or growth hormone.
Then the food of the gods in the original title should be the somatotropin, according to the doctor of the film (especially according to the director) if we are administering the hormone to any living organism it grows disproportionate.

But you can not imagine what emerges from this strange concept.

Everything starts when the no-global antivivisectionist go in the
science laboratory to smash everything, and by mistake they do fall a mice's cage, and they begin to eat giant tomatoes, so they become HUGE rats as big as a person.

There are many
really crap deaths , I can not remember them all, these mice fail inexplicably giants to climb the sewers (and I assure you that are huge) and arrive in an Olympic swimming pool, and there begin to devour the poor students, and there is an incredible scene with screaming people, a nut who kills innocent people in the mess and not even pick a mouse, people being eaten by rats two meters high, but even more in my opinion.

Do I have to mention: the scene where there is a nihilistic drunken singing La Cucaracha, which is off his genital organ in bites, and
rat bites his ass; a guard dressed as safari escapes from a giant rat in an underground, driving a ridiculous electric tricycle, going at breakneck speed; the scientist that dreams copulate with an hot student and highlight turns into a giant Lou Ferrigno.

But we come to special effects. Better than the Matrix!

I firmly believe that if I try a making a film with animal killers would use the same special effects.

Assaults by men of giant mice are absolutely best scenes, when you consider how they were shot: rats were taken with a camera magnifying glass and the resulting movie is superimposed on the film which starred
actors. You must absolutely see it !!!!!! And take inspiration from these things for the realization of your movies! The effect is the most stupid ever made, and I find it genius. There's also a scene where the scientist out of the strange liquid from the body, such as heck is possible, did you ask. The answer is simple: watch the movie! Yes, because we see clearly behind him a person who drives a pump, which makes these things come out from the body, and he has a wig on his head, that falls!

I like movies a lot with killers animals: bats, rats, bugs, but THE FOOD OF THE GODS 2 is the best, I laugh still at the thought of so much insane.

Things I Learned From This Movie:

* Giant rats can fly.
* Exterminators take their work *very* seriously.
* Never mix growth serum with dog cancer cells or sex.
* Sex in public places is dangerous, especially when giant rats are on the loose.
* Little kids are nasty when they're big.
* When you need to hide cages full of rats, giant tomatoes are a logical, if unwise, choice.
* Members of hysterical mobs have really lousy aim and an infinite supply of bullets.
* Giant rats respond favorably to electric guitar renditions of "Three Blind Mice."

From Japan, with Love

Let me introduce a cool cute japanese female band, called Shonen Knife! yay!!

I raccommend to listen S.K. in the morning, when you wake up, they will made your day.

From wikipedia:

"Shonen Knife is an all-female Japanese pop-punk band formed in Osaka, Japan, in 1981. Heavily influenced by 1960s girl groups, pop bands, The Beach Boys, and early punk rock acts, such as the Ramones, the trio crafts stripped-down songs expressing infectious melodies and simplistic, exuberant lyrics sung both in Japanese and English.

Despite their pop-oriented nature, the trio maintains a distinctly underground garage rock sound rooted in edgy instrumentation and D.I.Y. aesthetics, which over the course of their 27-year career has earned them a solid, worldwide cult following and made avid fans out of seminal '90s alternative rock acts such as Sonic Youth, Nirvana, and Redd Kross.The band has been credited with making "the international pop underground more international" by "opening it up to bands from Japan". They have also performed as a Ramones tribute band under the name The Osaka Ramones."

I am a Cat!

a short ms paint animation made by me; music by Shonen Knife

Sometimes I feel like I'm in the Milky Way
And I lose myself
I don't know who I am
I discover whiskers of a cat in a timeless zone
And I put them on my face
In a moment I become a sweet little cat
And I dance on a flying saucer

I Am A Cat !

giovedì 24 giugno 2010

Rob Brezsny is a genius

I do not believe in horoscopes, but it is always a pleasure read Rob Brezsny's horoscope:

Sagittarious, week of june 24:
"There used to be a tradition in Sweden that young women could dream of the person they would ultimately wed if they put seven kinds of flowers beneath their pillows on Midsummer's Eve. That's crazy nonsense, of course. Right? Probably. Although I must note that two nights ago I placed a gladiolus, hydrangea, lilac, orchid, snapdragon, tulip, and rose under my pillow, and subsequently dreamed of being visited by the lily-crowned Goddess of Intimacy, who asked me to convey a message to you Sagittarians. She said that if you even just imagine slipping seven flowers under your pillow, you will have a dream about what you should do in order to help your love life evolve to the next stage of its highest potential. "

Amazon Wishlist works!!

I am without words.
Ok, thanks to a stranger that purchase me the first present (the first and the only I suppose):

(click for enlarge)

Well, dear stranger, can you tell me who are you?
Anyway, thanks!! so much!!

I'll take a photo when the poster will arrive


Do u wanna send me a present?

Well, I want so many things, and I don't have money for these superficial things, so I've made a whislist on so that YOU can send me a wonderful present. Register on, choose a thing (or two, three, and so on) from the list and automatically send it to me.


Preview release:

(it's a joke.)

mercoledì 23 giugno 2010

Nina Hagen: Aohj!

Nina Hagen is one of my heroine, she is a german singer and a fucking bitch!

I am glad to know that she sponsors the Ahoj!, the fizzy drink powder, german of course.

The Aohj is worldwide famous game: drink some vodka (smooth), not swallow, and than put in your mouth tha aohj, shake well, and say "Ahoj! Ahoj! Ahoj!" after swallowed.

It's a stupid game for alcoholics but I must admit that I had do this several time.

Unfortunately in Italy do not sell it, but thanks god, I have my friend Manuel from Berlin he got me some Ahoj bags ^__^

The strangest Aohj flavour is "king of the forest"; well, I thought the taste was a lion but it was not.

Let's go trippin'!

I heart surf rock, so I want share with you all this cool kind of music.

Surf rock was born in the sunny Southern California in the '60, between 1961 and 1965, and it is mainly instrumental.

Maybe the first band you think about when I say "Surf rock" is the beach boys, but the real king of the surf guitar is the one and only Dick Dale. Applause and bows, please.
perhaps you will remember him for Miserlou, the Pulp Fiction's song.
Well, Dick Dale is not only the musician from Pulp Fiction's song, he
has made a great contribution to surf music, probably the biggest contribution, experimenting with reverberation and mading use of custom made Fender amplifiers, including the first-ever 100-watt guitar amplifier.

Nerdy-technical things about guitar: models favoured included those made by Fender (particularly the Mustang, Jazzmaster, Jaguar and Stratocaster guitars), Mosrite, Teisco, or Danelectro, usually with single coil pickups (which had high treble in contrast to double coil humbucker pickups). Surf music was one of the first genres to universally adopt the electric bass, particularly the Fender Precision Bass. yay! (thanks wikipedia)

This playlist includes my 7 fav. surf rock song:

  1. Dick Dale - Miserlou (of course)
  2. The Ventures - PIPELINE
  3. Dick Dale - Hava Nagila
  4. Man or astroman - 9 Volt
  5. Tempest - Los Straitjackets
  6. Nitro - Dick Dale
  7. Having An Average Weekend- by Shadowy Men on a Shadowy P
Raise the volume and shake your damn ass!

Miley Cyrus sends positive message


martedì 22 giugno 2010

7 movies that I LOVE

Ok, this is the day of seven (read the previous post).
If you are bored and want to see a movie but do not know which, you can follow my tips.

strictly in any order this is my 7 fav. movie list!

Bubba Ho Tep

the film is summed up as: Elvis Presley and President John F. Kennedy (that is a black man) VS an egyptian mummy.

When I learned of this movie I thought that it was a stupid comedy; hell, no! I cried watching Bubba Ho Tep! Most of the film's plot is driven by Elvis' internal monologue, as he reminisces about his life and ponders his condition (because Elvis is not dead, during the 1970s, when Elvis Presley grew tired of the demands of his fame, he switched places with an Elvis impersonator named Sebastian Haff. It was Haff who eventually died on the toilet in 1977, while the real Elvis lived in quiet, happy anonymity and made a living pretending to be himself).

Bubba Ho Tep is a 2002 black comedy film starring Bruce Campbell as Elvis Presley - now a resident in a nursing home. The film version also stars Ossie Davis as Jack, a black man who claims to be John F. Kennedy (explaining that he was patched up after the assassination in Dallas, dyed black, and abandoned by Lyndon Johnson).

I really recommend Bubba Ho Tep!!

fav. quote: never, but never, fuck with the King. (Elvis)

The pit and the pendulum
My fav. movie ever.

I don't know how many ppl can apprecciate a movie like this, maybe is mainly directed to b-horror-movies lovers. But when I saw "The pit and the pendulum" was love at first sight. Thanks to this movie, I discovered Vincent Price, my love, and Barbara Steele, the goddes of horror, she is so beautiful:
Well, director is Roger Corman, one of my fav., I love this man, and the movie is from a Edgar Allan Poe's short story of the same name. Set in 16th century Spain, the story is about a young Englishman who visits a forbidding castle to investigate his sister's mysterious death. After a series of horrific revelations, apparently ghostly appearances and violent deaths, the young man becomes strapped to the titular torture device by his lunatic brother-in-law during the film's climactic sequence. Vincent Price is Nicolas Medina, a crazy guy that loves tortures:

I love Vincent Price, seriously.
If you have never seen Vincent Price acting, this is the right film. He is perfect.

Fav. quote: Do you know where you are Bartolome? You are about to enter hell. In hell Bartolome, IN HELL!: the dead world, infernal zone, damned house, tortures place, pandemonium, purgatory, avernus, fire, Satan, THE PIT!... and the pendulum. (Nicolas Medina)

El dia de la bestia

A really cool spanish black comedy directed by Alex de la Iglesia, you'll love it.
The story revolves around a catholic priest dedicated to committing as many sins as possible, a death metal salesman, and the Italian host of a TV show on the occult, a sort of magician. These go on a literal "trip" through Christmas-time Madrid to hunt for and prevent the reincarnation of the Antichrist:

fav. quote: Tengo que hacer todo el mal posible (the priest)

And now for something of completely different

Of all the masterpieces of Monty Python my fav. is And now for something completely different. If you know Monty Python this film no need presentation; if you don't know Monty Python SHAME ON YOU!
It is a film spin-off from the television comedy series Monty Python's Flying Circus featuring favourite sketches from the first two seasons. Some sketches:
  • The Funniest Joke in the World: Ernest Scribbler who is shown having just written the joke in the previous sketch and then discarding it, has a sudden inspiration and writes a lethal joke. It is snapped up by the army who send a despatch rider to collect it and translate it into German. It then goes on to become a deadly weapon in the Second World War.
  • How Not to Be Seen: A government film which first displays the importance of not being seen, then devolves into various things being blown up, much to John Cleese's amusement.
You can find it on youtube.

fav. quote: And now for something completely different. (Announcer)


Freaks is a 1932 American "horror" film about sideshow performers, directed and produced by Tod Browning, with a cast mostly composed of actual carnival performers. Director Browning took the exceptional step of casting real people with deformities as the eponymous sideshow "freaks," rather than using costumes and makeup.

Browning had been a member of a traveling circus in his early years, and much of the film was drawn from his personal experiences. In the film, the physically deformed "freaks" are inherently trusting and honorable people, while the real monsters are two of the "normal" members of the circus who conspire to murder one of the performers to obtain his large inheritance.

A film movingly, delicate in its rawness, impressive, you'll love freaks ( I love Shiltze!)
Unfortunately the was
banned in many countries for years, but now you can found it, cut ;/

Fav. quote:
We accept you, one of us! Gooble Gobble! (Freaks)

Cecil B. Demented

If you want what I think about cinema, watch Cecil B. Demented. Is directed by the genious John Waters, one of my fav.
The film centers on a Hollywood starlet who is kidnapped by the manic film director, Cecil B. Demented, and his band of misfit, Andy Warhol-worshipping artists who have branded themselves "kamikaze filmmakers," going by the group name "SprocketHoles."
She is introduced to Cecil's eccentric friends (who also act as his film crew) and is taken to an abandoned movie theater, where she's kept captive. Cecil's crew of outlandish followers include a porno star, a gay truck driver, and a Satanist, among others. Cecil explains that he wants to make his masterpiece movie ("I have a vision!") and needs her to star as the film's lead. She is first resists and shoots scenes with no emotion, but Cecil slowly coaxes her into relaxing and truly acting.

Really cool.

fav. quote: Punish bad cinema! (Cecil)

X "The man with x ray eye"

1963 science fiction/horror motion picture, directed by Roger Corman (again!)
Dr. Xavier develops eyedrops intended to increase the range of human vision, allowing one to see beyond the "visible" spectrum into the ultraviolet and x-ray wavelengths and beyond. Believing that testing on animals and volunteers will produce uselessly subjective observations, he begins testing the drops on himself.

Initially, Xavier discovers that he can see though people's clothing, and he uses his vision to save a young girl whose medical problem was misdiagnosed. Over time and with continued use of the drops, Xavier's visual capacity increases and his ability to control it decreases.

After the vision of this movie, no longer have the desire to see through clothing.

Fav. quote:
Dr. James Xavier: I'm blind to all but a tenth of the universe.
Dr. Sam Brant: My dear friend, only the gods see everything.
Dr. James Xavier: My dear doctor, I'm closing in on the gods.

Have a good time with these 7 movies! And what about you?
what are your favorite movies?



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