venerdì 25 giugno 2010

The food of the Gods 2

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I must admit that I really love bad movies: some ppl call them "trash" but I prefere call them simply bad movies.

I want to present you one of my fav. bad movie:

The food of the Gods 2

Well, title in italian is "killer teeth" (bizzarre translator -__-') and I thought it was a dental-clinic horror. I am so lame.

As shown in the poster, teeth are those of some rodents that have become giants because they fed on giant tomatoes obtained by administration of somatotropin, or growth hormone.
Then the food of the gods in the original title should be the somatotropin, according to the doctor of the film (especially according to the director) if we are administering the hormone to any living organism it grows disproportionate.

But you can not imagine what emerges from this strange concept.

Everything starts when the no-global antivivisectionist go in the
science laboratory to smash everything, and by mistake they do fall a mice's cage, and they begin to eat giant tomatoes, so they become HUGE rats as big as a person.

There are many
really crap deaths , I can not remember them all, these mice fail inexplicably giants to climb the sewers (and I assure you that are huge) and arrive in an Olympic swimming pool, and there begin to devour the poor students, and there is an incredible scene with screaming people, a nut who kills innocent people in the mess and not even pick a mouse, people being eaten by rats two meters high, but even more in my opinion.

Do I have to mention: the scene where there is a nihilistic drunken singing La Cucaracha, which is off his genital organ in bites, and
rat bites his ass; a guard dressed as safari escapes from a giant rat in an underground, driving a ridiculous electric tricycle, going at breakneck speed; the scientist that dreams copulate with an hot student and highlight turns into a giant Lou Ferrigno.

But we come to special effects. Better than the Matrix!

I firmly believe that if I try a making a film with animal killers would use the same special effects.

Assaults by men of giant mice are absolutely best scenes, when you consider how they were shot: rats were taken with a camera magnifying glass and the resulting movie is superimposed on the film which starred
actors. You must absolutely see it !!!!!! And take inspiration from these things for the realization of your movies! The effect is the most stupid ever made, and I find it genius. There's also a scene where the scientist out of the strange liquid from the body, such as heck is possible, did you ask. The answer is simple: watch the movie! Yes, because we see clearly behind him a person who drives a pump, which makes these things come out from the body, and he has a wig on his head, that falls!

I like movies a lot with killers animals: bats, rats, bugs, but THE FOOD OF THE GODS 2 is the best, I laugh still at the thought of so much insane.

Things I Learned From This Movie:

* Giant rats can fly.
* Exterminators take their work *very* seriously.
* Never mix growth serum with dog cancer cells or sex.
* Sex in public places is dangerous, especially when giant rats are on the loose.
* Little kids are nasty when they're big.
* When you need to hide cages full of rats, giant tomatoes are a logical, if unwise, choice.
* Members of hysterical mobs have really lousy aim and an infinite supply of bullets.
* Giant rats respond favorably to electric guitar renditions of "Three Blind Mice."

3 commenti:

Rano ha detto...

Noooo ma che bellezza! lo sai che anche a me piacciono questi film? Solo che io li chiamo "filmacci" e pure mia mamma li vede! =)
Questo però mi manca!

chiaracat ha detto...

dai che bello!! sono la mia insana passione...questo però è veramente brutto!

Rano ha detto...

Deh ma vuoi mettere questi fantastici mostroni super finti di peluches!! Mitici! Non c'è limite al trash.


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