mercoledì 30 giugno 2010

Hello Kitty stuff wishlist

Hi there!
I want share with you my fav. Hello Kitty's stuff in my Amazon Wishlist, I REALLY WANT ALL OF THEM or I BECOME MAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!

I love biking, and this water bottle is purrrrfect for my bike! Cycling is fun ^__^
And I love sleeping too...well, let me wake up from Hello Kitty!

Frogs + Hello Kitty = Chiara Cat happy.I don't know what I can write on it, but I WANT IT

My diet will be more funny.*__* we can chat better togheter :>

These (bags, bracelet, necklace) are by Tarina Tarantino (I LOVE HER!!!) And it's too much expensive for me :(

awwwwwwww hello kitty on bread!!!

This is can be MY perfect shop bag!!

Not needs words.

1 commento:

Rano ha detto...

Il tostapane è favoloso, l'avevo visto in giro e ho pensato da sempre che fosse un must have per tutti gli appassionati!


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