domenica 20 giugno 2010

Nail Art

Aw! I was browsing around the net, when I saw this wonderful picture:

(via barbiexanax, via cheekymoe, on tumblr)

I always thought that nail art was boring and too snobby, maybe because I know nothing about it; anyway, I've found some funny pics about:

(both from here)

Rockabilly nails!
(from here)

this cute pink-punk:
(from here)

and Spongebob Squarepants nails art LOL
(from here)

I like it all very much but I think that I do not do on me, because I prefere short nails, I work with my hands and I have problems with a simple polish, it's continually ruined and I HATE this.

My best is this:

I LOVE GREEN POLISH! aaaah! I really love this green, this colour is my fav. Thanks to KIKO !

My second favorite polish-colour is light-blue, like this:

(please, make attention on the bag: if you are around Florence you MUST go to Sugar & Spice. The best pastry shop in town: )

And what about you? Do u prefere long or short nails? Do you like nails art? And what s your fav. nail colour?

See u soon!


3 commenti:

Ladybastard ha detto...

ciao bella ^_^ grazie x avermi linkato!
ps le prime unghie sono IL MIO SOGNO! *__*

Rano ha detto...

E JADE di Chanel dove lo mettiamo!!!

chiaracat ha detto...

jade di chanel è semplicemente fantastico..lo DEVO AVERE AL PIU PRESTO, gli smaltini della kiko fanno schifo! mi ero lasciata ammaliare dal loro prezzo...


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