mercoledì 23 giugno 2010

Nina Hagen: Aohj!

Nina Hagen is one of my heroine, she is a german singer and a fucking bitch!

I am glad to know that she sponsors the Ahoj!, the fizzy drink powder, german of course.

The Aohj is worldwide famous game: drink some vodka (smooth), not swallow, and than put in your mouth tha aohj, shake well, and say "Ahoj! Ahoj! Ahoj!" after swallowed.

It's a stupid game for alcoholics but I must admit that I had do this several time.

Unfortunately in Italy do not sell it, but thanks god, I have my friend Manuel from Berlin he got me some Ahoj bags ^__^

The strangest Aohj flavour is "king of the forest"; well, I thought the taste was a lion but it was not.

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