sabato 26 giugno 2010

Sea time! (and paranoia time -_-')

yay! My first day at sea!

Oh it was so cool.
I love sea, I love swimming, I love this air, the sun...fuck you Florence!!

But tomorrow I'll be in Florence, unfortunatly, Florence in summer is a very bad idea. That city is the hell.
all the years when I was in Florence the thing I missed most was the sea. Florence is a beautiful city, but not liveble for long times: it is a tourist city, so everything is expensive ( in downtown you can pay an icecream 5 euros... . . ), it is a small city, the only thing about it is that you can move around by bike very well...ehm...even if bike lanes are disgusting. But I don't want talk about Florence.

I want talk about my current paranoia.

I feel like a stupid.

Me and my boyfriend
currently live in two different cities, and I miss him so much. He is sweet, very respectful, he loves me, and I trust him... but I don't trust in girls. I don't know if I am a gelous person...I always though that I am not. But today I feel so anxious about, until the beginning of July we can't meet, and I am going crazy.

Some remedy?

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dblchin ha detto...

I'll never get to see such a beautiful sight in singapore!!! the sea over at ur side is so beautiful


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