mercoledì 30 giugno 2010


This morning I should be at the sea, but I don't reckoned that I need waxing -__-
So I spent this happy morning listening music and cleaning my messy room.
Today I'll have to go to beautician, ouch, please don't hurt meeeeeee ç__ç

I bought this gorgeous pink flower hair clip, with paiettes, aww

Another good news: I started writing my next book, are only around 20 pages but YAY! This time the publishing house will be better, yay 2!!

1 commento:

Rano ha detto...

Sono curiosissimo di leggere anche il tuo primo libro sai?

Me lo scrivi un raccontino sulla moda? =) Per la copertina facciamo degli scatti assieme!


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