sabato 19 giugno 2010

YAY! First Post

Hello my sweeties, this is my first post, yay!
Welcome into my blog!
Ok, first of all sorry for my lame english. Let me explain: now it's saturday night, the weather sucks (very very windy, it's june but here is cold, some rains and so sucks, believe me), and I am alone in my house, with internet, bored, and I must improve my english, so: start a blog is not an original idea, but it is pretty funny.

Maybe I must introduce myself?

This is me:

Smart face uh? (LOL)
I was born in Livorno, Italy, but now I live in Florence for study (not for long...I have almost finished university), I am here from 5 years and I live with my fluffy assistant: Houdini, my crossbreed-but-mostly-lionhead netherland dwarf bunny, he is all black with belly white, aww sweetheart! His hobbies are: sniff, lick the frog-plush, sleep in secret, eat carrots and my furnishings, go round and round, shoes, and, clearly, escapology. (Cage: a thing that not exist for Houdini).

Say hello to Houdini:

Sorry, he is a little shy. Next time will be better *blink*
If you want you can see more pics about Houdini here.

I'm graduating in experimental psychology, and it is really cool, I love brains and human reactions, and I would like specialize in microexpression (noverbal comunication) *finger crossed for me*.

But in addiction to my scientific side I really really love art!

My dad is a painter, it is his job, and I grow up with love for art. If you want see my daddy's art go here: his flickr! His blog (ehm..abandoned....but better than nothing!); So, I am lucky because I can get some canvas and others tolls. *yay*
I love his palette:
Colours are amazing...!

So, I like painting and write (I have publish my first book called "November in April", but it is available only in Italy for now), look!
Cover is a bit EMO but the book is slightly sarcastic.

Ok, what else?

uH! Obsessions!!
My fav. obsessions: Vincent Price, Harry Houdini, frogs (especially dendrobates and hymenochirus), Hitler (I am not a nazi, I just really like his personality, from a psychological point of view), pugs, dinosaurs (especially Stegosaurus) and Hello Kitty.

And I love cinema: John Waters, Roger Corman and Monty Python are my fav. directors. I really like all strange and b-z-movies, and B/W old horror movies!

I am quite interested about serial killer’s stories, and my obsession about it is Ed Gein. I love knifes!

Ok, stop for now I hope to make new friends on blogspot really soon!

Byeee sweeties!

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