mercoledì 7 luglio 2010

32 facts about me

1. I don't believe in best friendship

2. i wish i lived in new york

3. I am scared by aliens and ufos

4. i have a phobia of insects.

5. sea food is my favorite food.

6. i am OBSESSED with Vincent Price and Harry Houdini

7. i have one piercing

8. the person who know me the best is Sara

9. I love frogs and cats

10. i am in love

11. i'm pretty sure unicorns do exist

12. I was a cocaine addict

13. i was a lost addict

14. my favorite name for a girl is Viola

15. i have a lesbian sister

16. i've seen pretty much EVERY south park episode aired

17. i have long hair yet since i'm delusional don't think i do

18. my dream is to be a famous writer

19. i'm obsessed with Miley Cyrus

20. i hate sleeping alone

21. beaches and rainbows are my favorite things and the rain

22. i paint i write i love

23. Henry Miller is my favorite auther and i've read almost every single one of his books; for Proust I feel love and hate

24. i love bad movies

25. i'm incredibly manipulative

26. i hate photographer, I think that they all voyer

27. i love the lymbic system (brain)

28. my fav videogames are Zuma and The Sims

29. I am a natural blondie

30. I hate tom hanks and the little prince

31. I can cry reading a Dylan Thomas' poetry

32. I can know when you are lying

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