lunedì 5 luglio 2010


Sorry sorry sorry, I don't have answers to emails, private messages, and so on, but now I have no time, I had an hellish day, with no sleep, an exam (psychometrics, eww), a day in Florence that you can't image.

Sunday I was back to my house in Florence, I share this house with 2 friends, a boy and a girl, and the house was a total mess. Ok, before back at home my travel by train was sucks: no air conditioning, with maybe 35 degrees, and full of tourist,
always talking. My bus has missed two races, and finally I get home.

Florence is full of people.
In summer is the hell.

Me and my flatmates have studying from 7 to 9 pm (I admit: smoking some weeds);

No sleep, temperature was hot, mosquitos everywhere, and wake up in the 7,30 am -__-

Well, after this happy thing, I had cycling from stadio to station S.M.N (is far away!) under the sun, it was really hot, with tourist all around, I was dead.

My bike in the winter. With snow, I miss snow. yes.

In Livorno I took a shower, most beautiful shower of my life, and run to dinner with my friend.

I'm back home NOW.

Tomorrow in the early morning I will be at the sea, I hope to stay there since the evening.
Finally! Sea, sun, relax, but...I miss my boyfriend really much, more every day. :(

Anyway, I bought this yellow nail polish:

(LOL, look my face, I am totally tired)

It is pretty cool, is summer time and I hope to be tanned soon.

Goodnite, I will answer to all mails, I promise, but not now and maybe tomorrow in the evening.

(sorry for my english, I am sleeping)

2 commenti:

Rano ha detto...

Poi mettiamoci daccordo per prendere un caffè allora...o una bibita ghiacchiata con foto annesse ok? =)

chiaracat ha detto...

di sicuro e con piacere, ma adesso è un periodo pienissimo: tornare a firenze, verbalizzare, traslocare, e partire! appena sono calma t faccio sapere:)


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