lunedì 15 novembre 2010

accessories time

I want write this post as soon as I can because after this I'll watch my beloved serial Desperate Housewives *w* I am seriously addicted!

I have some pics for you :3 When I got home I found a package that I ordered from etsy, I am always happy and excited when packages arrive, and contents was so nice!!
I ordered some charms to make earrings or necklace, I have yet to decide:

dinosawrs, pins'n'guns *w*

And my friend give to me a super cute present, the hello kitty's mini gum machine:
isn't it cute? ♥w

I decided to wear some of my creations:

cute pink deer ring
heart'n'skull cameo (my piercings are all croocked -__-')

and skull earrings (baaad bad quality sorry!)

(you can find earrings and differents cameos in my etsy shop if you like them! Free and worldwide shipping :9)

If you love cute pics, take a look to my tumblr, I've discovered really cool stuff:
bye for now!

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