domenica 14 novembre 2010

arty time!

usually I hate Sundays, because the day after I must wake up at 6am. And I hate, really hate to do it. But today I finally finished the painting that was unfinished for too long;
a creepy subject I know :P
When I finished it I saw The Moon, so sketched that it gave me pain.

The Moon is one of 22 canvas from my
ongoing project (the project has 3 years -___-') about repaint and reinterpret the major arcana of Tarots. Me and my friend Sara have decided to make an exibithion when ours works will be finished (she is a sculptress). Well, the only finished painting is The Temperance:

whereas this is The Moon, a sketch:
tidying my room I found an old painting made by me, in the days when I was in my father's study asking him to teach me to paint; this effort has failed, since he said -according to his philosophy- he could not teach me to paint because art can not be taught. So he put me in front of an his painting and told me to play, adding and changing something. The result was:

obviously there's a lot of difference between my and his paintings:

But I feel a lot of tenderness ^w^

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Antonio Mariani ha detto...

Il dipinto di tuo padre è tecnicamente superiore al tuo, tuttavia, devi considerare il fatto che quello che conta è l'esperienza che poi perfeziona, e nella pittura, come nella scrittura o in ogni altra disciplina dell'arte, 'ognuno di noi esprime il suo proprio stile. (guai se non fosse così)
ciao buon lavoro

Antonio Mariani ha detto...

ps.I miei dipinti le puoi trovare venendo nel mio blog. su (canale anthon741 youtube)


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