martedì 9 novembre 2010

Good news coming

12.04 am; Livorno-Tuscany-Italy
mood: excited

I must say that this period is very good for me, so good it almost scares me!
with my joy I didn't go to university this morning, I am too lazy. Here there is a powerful downpour an my little Houdini is on his bed, fortunatly *w*

Well, this morning I went to the post office, I send a package for a girl that bought an owl ring from my etsy shop ^v^

She choosed the blue, it remains only one, orange, so if you want hurry up ^w^
all rings in my shop are 100% nichel free and adjustable
The biggest new is about my winter holidays! I will go to Berlin, I am so excited!! is so long that I thought of going in Berlin, well that day is coming. So I'll spend the whole month to make a list of places I want to see! Ramones museum is the first, than I would like visit the Spreepark, an abandoned park with a lot of dinosaurs, although it is not open to the public and there are a lot of guards! Follow this link, it is really cool

My friend Manuel (that live in Berlin) gave me a link about the city, so cool!!

The last news is about my daddy! He is on the newspaper!!
I am really proud of him

you can see his paintings here:

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La Cice ha detto...

Sono veramente felice per te :D
Rinnovo l'apprezzamento per i gufetti.

Al momento purtroppo sono una disegnatrice squattrinata, ma mi piacerebbe comprare qualcosa di tuo, quando potrò.

Electro Listings ha detto...

Your site has been added, thanks for joining and don't forget to link me.


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