martedì 23 novembre 2010

Goodmorning cupcakes!

11:52 am
Hey dears :3 goodmorning!
I wanna say a big sorry for my lame english...I hope to be readable, if you find any mistakes tell me so I can correct me, I must improve my english for Berlin! I can't wait *w* I spent my last night with Manuel, my berliner friend and he told me coolest things in the world about Berlin. I think that I'll move there one day. (First I must take the degree -__-) (useless degree).
Well, I'm feel really better (
I had a fever up to two days ago), and in these 2 days I played to The Sims 2 ^w^ lol so sims family is called "Rollino" (in memorial of Joe Rollino! he was a good friend of Harry Houdini) and sims-parents died but now I am at the 3rd generation. And I can also say stop.

I wanna show to you my last creations, cupcakes pin in felt!
They are only 3, but I'm sure I'll make more!

I really like them!!
They are for sale in my Etsy Shop:
see ya sweethearts!

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