mercoledì 3 novembre 2010

New orders from etsy+cool news

This was a really cool day for me, very stimulating for my mind and my creativity. It was 7 am and I was on the train going to Florence, I was listening Teenage Angst by Placebo on my ipod, looking out the train window the rapid exchange of views and ideas cames into my brain sooo I have materials for other books, 3 or 4, and I can't wait to write! I love me when I find good ideas, it makes me feel alive, I love to create, god bless art!
I was so happy that the two-hours lesson flew by.
I was happy also because I have worn my Misfits gloves :3
And my super cute hat

And a girl from Stafford purchase 3 things from my etsy shop!! I love make mail art even though I had only a few stickers...I have done better...

Silly face -_^

She purchases 3 earrings:

*w* I am so glad!!
Last but not least my friend Sara she gave me for my birthday present (13 dec) a ticket for the "Circo Nero" (Black Circus) AND IT IS THE BEST PRESENT!!
Visit the Black Circus website

I went to this party one time, with Peter Hook (ex New Order) like a dj and the theme was FREAKS:

One of my best night in my life.

Well it's time to watch my fav. serial (Weeds) yayyyyy
Mary Lou Parker I'm coooomiiing


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