martedì 18 gennaio 2011


Well...stop with the defeatism! When I feel a little sad I check tumblr, it is full of nice pics that makes me feel better: kawaii is the solution!

Do you have a tumblr account? Post it in a comment! Mine is
I upload or retumblr nice things, like animals, kawaii stuff, pink things, characters from (b)movies and anything that catches my attention.

Latest nice pics from my tumblr account:

look his mouth *w*

do u want more?? visit :)

3 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

i remember giga-pets! they are my favorite still, and the batman tattoo is hot!

Rano ha detto...

Ecco il mio!

chiaracat ha detto...

grazie!! e che fii :D ti seguo proprio volentieri!


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