domenica 23 gennaio 2011


If you love hello kitty like me, I raccomend you to take a look on because there are a lot of super cool nice kitty things low prices. I don't care if something are not original Sanrio, Sanrio or not Sanrio Hello Kitty is always cute!

I bought this yesterday, for 2.99$ and free shipping
This is really cute!
I've already bought other Hello Kitty things with free shipping on ebay, mostly watches and bag, I raccomend ebay, badly!

2 commenti:

Sarah Mar'atul Azizah ha detto...

i love Hello Kitty too ;)

btw, i held a mini giveaway, check out my blog, you get 2 entries because you have already be my friend ;)

Sarah Azhezha

Anonimo ha detto...

I love HK. i actually have a tattoo of her :)


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