martedì 18 gennaio 2011


Hi to all!
In my etsy shop there are a super cool offer! Discaunt for all january on my daddy paintings.

Paintings are unique pieces, it means that they are unique and there are no copies. A piece of authentic Tuscany in your house :)

Real price: 180$ now 130$: you can save 50$!

Shipping is FREE but if you want I can make the registered mail, costs 7$ more.

Paintings for sale: (link here

About him:
He is mentioned on the “Annual” of the tuscan painters, on the “Centro Arte Diffusione” of Florence, on “Gli anni ’60 nell’aria italiana” of Piacenza and on the “Italian Artistic Market of the 1800/1900”. He’s also mentioned in the “European contemporary Painting Dictionary” of Milano and also quoted in Bolaffi Paintings Catalogue N°8 (1973) and N°11 (1978).
Luciano Torsi has been a remarkable presence in the livornese exhibition of “Premio Rotonda” since 1964. He has made personal exhibitions in many italian localities (Lido di Jesolo, Empoli, Roma, Camp Darby, Siena, Viareggio, Firenze,Novara, Torino, Pinerolo, Racconigi, Avigliana, Bari and La Spezia), and abroad :Lima (Perù), Cincinnati (Ohio), Pensacola (Florida), Toronto (Canada), Paris (France).

Many are the prizes received:

1966 = 3rd Prize on “Coppa E.N.A.L.”
1967 = Gold Medal “RA.DE.CO.”
1968 = Silver Medal “E.P.T.”
1977 = Prize “Dante Alighieri”
1979 = International award “Due Mondi”
1983 = International award “Wagner”
1983 = National “Premio della Cultura-Quercia d’Oro” award
1983 = Prize “Biennale Città di Arezzo”
1983 = International Critics Award
1996 = 1st Prize “Biennale Accademia degli Etruschi”
1998 = 1st Prize “Biennale di Livorno”

He’s also an academic professor “Della Tiberina” in the Institute of Culture and Arts in Rome. The works of Maestro Torsi has been analyzed and reviewed by R.Natali, Domenica. Amodei, Pfandt, Damari, as well as by “La Nazione”,“Il Telegrafo” and “Il Tirreno” magazines."

take a look to his flickr

2 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

wow, your work is beautiful! I'll definitely check it out :)

chiaracat ha detto...

thanks elizabeth! i am so proud of him :D


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