venerdì 20 marzo 2015

Beauty & Wellness in Pisa

On sunday I went to Pisa with my bff for the Beauty and Wellness exhibition, it was a super nice relaxing day!
There was stands with hairdresser, holistic massages, beauty and health local products, a lot of free gadget (good), discounts (good) and free trials (really good). Me and my bff tried the hairdresser, with a free hairstyling. I have short hair so it doesn't impressed me so much, while my friend's hair was really cool.

Some pics of the day (sorry for the bad resolution, I took pics with my smartphone):

The exhibition

Hairstyle free trial (my friend)

 and me 

Random stuff

I loved the tea stand

we tried a take away tea, I chose "cool mint" a mixture of mint, liquorice and leomon, it was really tasty 

 Hope u liked it!

2 commenti:

Giovy Sessa ha detto...

Oddio, certi stand sono carinissimi :D

Florinda ha detto...

Lo scrub mi attira moltissimo, sono fissata per questo tipo di prodotti...e adoro Lush!


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