martedì 14 aprile 2015

Zucchini update!

Hello gorgeous! Some zucchini updates ahah!
They was exploding in that tiny pot!

So I decided to repot them, it was really funny.
I bouhgt two large rectangular pots, some ground and I picked up small stones

Small stones used for filtter less waters, because zucchini wants a lot of water

They have small and delicate roots, it was a little bit complicated separating them

With patience and love, I did!!

Well, now I have 17 zucchini plants! I think I'll have to repot them soon, because they grow fast and they need more space.

Stay tuned for more zucchini updates ahahah
have a super nice day

1 commento:

hegles ha detto...

beata te che hai il pollice verde!
ti seguo volentieri!
seguiresti anche me?


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