lunedì 11 gennaio 2016

Sailor Moon Bag

Hello cuties!
I could not resist this bag! I am a cat lover and a Sailor Moon fan, and aliexpress gave to me the perfect combo!!
I bought this super kawaii bag

I've ordered the black ^.^

white is pretty too

but black is my happy color!!

Hello Kitty Outline Necklace meow

This necklace is great for any "Cat" Lover out there!

 This necklace is covered in a shiny acrylic to ensure that the gems do not fall off or become loose
***Lime Green available
 You can buy it here:
Price: 6,50$ FREE SHIPPING! it's a deal yayyy

domenica 10 gennaio 2016

Kawaii Bag for Tea!

Aw! Goodmorning my sweety!
Here a kawaii way to start your day!

I create 100% handmade with felt and a lot of love these super kawaii bag for tea-bag!

They are so cute ! I've create one for me too, because it makes me so happy and when I go to see my friend I bring it with me and we enjoy a cup of tea together. It's a nice way to be...nice! With someone you love.

Price 5$ free shipping! It's a deal yay!!

You can choose two different colors: 


I hope you like it!
Share if you like it!

sabato 9 gennaio 2016

Planning Addict!

Hello dear you!
I want to share my passion for planning and filofax!
I must to thanks my sweet friend Martina because she introduced me into this colored world.
I have always had a passion for stationery, colored pens, planning, post it and stuff like that, but I didn't know that there are so many things specifically for planning!
So in august 2015 I have bought from Amazon my first filofax agenda, a domino patent filofax size personal of my favorite color: torquoise!
(both images found on google images)
And I started to setting up!
First pages with some cute post-it ( mainly bought from and Tiger)
*sorry for images resolutions!!*

I really like Valfre's sketches so I have drawn them for my dividers


address book section sentence is in honor of Placebo! My fav. band <3 br="">

and here's how I decor my weeks:
I am not so accurate and my weeks are a total mess but this is my style and my personality!
I use stickers, washi tapes, post it and my creativity!
I love this hobby, cause it relax me and I enjoy my time and in this way I create indelible memories of my life. If you have this planner passion please share it with me in a comment! 

venerdì 8 gennaio 2016

Cats stickers from Aliexpress

yayyyy my first package of the year is arrived to me! I love so much the website , there are a lot of cute CHEAP things and kawaii stuff, I have recently become a stationery addicted and Aliexpress is the perfect place to buy A LOT of stickers for planning or cute colored pens, post it and so on.

My last purchase is this pack of cute cat stickers, perfect to decorate my filofax agenda.

I am a cat lover!
Stickers link is here

price 1,32$, free shipping
1 pack with 5 sheets

 They are adorable!!!
 my stickers scans (sorry some imgs are turn and blogspot doesn't want cooperate!)
 I can't wait to use them ^.^

Happy new year! and some news

Hello my dear!
I want to wish Happy New Year to all of my readers and followes!
Cause I love you, Hello Cat Shop has super discounts!! Half price and free shipping. Take a look
I hope you enjoy!
I am planning a new giveaway for this new year.
Take care and stay tuned.
love u


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